Read, Paint, Design: Walden

A personal project I’m thinking about starting is to redesign book covers for books I have recently read and are fresh in my mind. This is good practice to absorb concepts and ideas to create a visual representation through graphic design. This week was Thoreau’s Walden.

(Fun Fact: Though I’ve dabbled in digital painting, this was my first time painting with an actual tablet rather than a mouse, and I’ve got to say- I’m hooked.)

walden mockup

Themes of Walden include solitude, peace and simplicity; I wanted to imagery of the cover to reflect that. I used the closed-off title box to contrast the airy, spacious feel to effectively show a difference. While remaining minimal, I think I was able to show contrast between Thoreau’s concepts of solitude of Walden Pond and claustrophobia of life in modern society, and the fine line that connects the two in today’s world.

Finally, in case you’re interested, here’s the full painting.





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